Frequently Asked Questions

No, you are welcome to set up your account and templates on your own. However our support team is available to help you with a professional setup at our standard support rate (1€ / minute (net of VAT). The time needed to provide a full setup depends very much on your business model, company structure and the quality of data provided. A standard setup for BOOKING will take 2-5 hours, for LABEL 6-10 hours. For more information, please contact us!

No. You can cancel your account at any time and we do not charge any fees for that.

Yes, all accounts have a data export facility built in. If you need us to export your data, we will charge the time needed at our current support rate.

Sure! Details offers skype screenshare presentations. Please email or complete our online contact form and we will contact you!

Sure. Please email or complete our online contact form and we will contact you with additional options to skype or make a phone calls.

No, you have the option of paying monthly or annually. If you pay monthly your credit card will be billed each month. If you pay annually you will be charged manually every 12 months.

Absolutely. Our state of the art cloud hosting, provided by Amazon Web Services, provides constant backup of all databases and highly secure storage. Additional Information is available on

For the automatic monthly billing we accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express, and you will be billed in Euros. We also offer manual billing, but manual invoices will include a 20 € automatic bank charge for extra time and handling. To avoid the extra charge, please use the automatic credit card billing. If you choose an annual pre-payment instead of the monthly billing we will give you a discount on user fees.

For using this service the browser Mozilla Firefox is required as well as a state of the art network environment with broadband internet access.

If you decide that details is not for you, you can export your records and then cancel your account. Upon cancellation of your account your data will be deleted, unless you wish us to preserve your database for a later return.

If you choose the automatic monthly billing, your credit card or SEPA bank account will be charged on the 1st of each month for the previous month until you cancel.

If you choose a annual package, we will send you an invoice upfront which needs to be paid to use the service for the specified year. Upfront payments are not refundable."

Unfortunately there is no such thing as a legally valid online signature at this moment. Nobody can really proove who was sitting at the computer on the other end and clicked OK.Even with big corporate solutions it´s doubtful that those would be legally binding in the EU.

That´s why we call our online approval an „agreement“ and not „signature“. We recommend that our clients should always back their documents up with legally valid real signatures in case of doubt.

At this point we have two options for artist (and managers) to see their dates in addition to the classic PDF / printout:

Option 1) is what we call the "Artist App".
It is a browser based web-app which is specifically designed for mobile phones.
The Artist App is available as long as the artist (and managers) are online. It is NOT a native iOS or Android App.

Option 2) is a iCal calendar subscription.
It´s like a google or mac calendar subscription link. Artist (and managers) can subscribe to one or multiple links and see their dates in any calendar application that supports valiated iCal links, i.e. google calendar, mac calender etc.

The iCal calendars subscription will be updated according to individual user settings and is available offline.

Sorry, but web-based email programs is a topic we haven´t come to spend programming ressources on, yet.

At this point details clients using webmail providers such as Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo! Mail, GMX Mail etc. should manage their emails via desktop email clients such as Outlook, Mac Mail or KIWI for Gmail.

You can find help how to configure your Gmail account in Mac Mail HERE